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Thank you so much sir , it is really helpful keep going with it , I m civil service aspirant with management optional u r previous videos are also helpful but you are this initiative is precious for me sir , please continue with it , JAI HIND 🙏🙏🙏

Manpreet Kaur

Lord Allmighty thank you for the presentation I now understand. I took a basic supply chain management class and was very lost and thanks to your video, it made sense. 2 thumbs up for sir.

Richard Segura

Sir keep up the good work . You have given very effective learning to us viewers. Many thanks .

Abdullah Azhar

Really Awesome. Please share the same kind of videos. this is really useful for SAP consultants.

Venkatesan Sivakumar

Saved hours of reading! Awesome!

Tharindu Lakshitha
Sir, thanks a lot for all your help, your videos on Operations Research helped me solve all the sums in my exams. Initially I was worried whether I could make up with this subject or not but u made my day and once again thanks a lot.
Jitendra Malviya

I never understood this from my lecturer,all thanks to this I passed my Project Management Exam

Diina Mint Nangolo

Thanks. It explained me my whole semester in half an hour.

Dhaval Mehta

Sir ,your students are so lucky to have you..........I watched all the four examples......and the videos and your language are so simple ....so that everyone can understand....please do make some more videos......